Liberty Entertainment Distribution Group distributes a range of quality products from a huge amount of independent vendors. In fact quite a few vendors have chosen to make LEDG their exclusive distributor to the Specialty Market. So you won’t find a number of the items we carry anywhere else!

Take a look at some of our exclusive vendors below!



So you probably want to know just what types of items, Liberty Entertainment Distribution Group stocks and has for sale on a regular basis!

Comics & Graphic Novels
LEDG has a large and growing selection of independent English-language comics and graphic novels.

Each month we list new indie comic book and pop-culture related t-shirts, underwear, hats, and more!

Toys & Models
A vast selection of toys includes action figures, statues, busts, and more!

Collectibles & Novelties
Our selection of independent entertainment novelties and collectibles includes flash drives, drink ware, and much more!

LEDG’s carries independently created role-playing games, board games, trading card games and more!

Films & Music
LEDG’s video selection includes the best of indie film in such genre’s like science fiction, fantasy, horror, comedy and even animation! We also carry a pretty deep selection of unsigned music CD’s as well.