A Message from Varian Grant

A Message from Varian Grant

Good Morning,

Today I’m announcing the official launch of Liberty Entertainment Distribution Group. (www.LEDG.us)

Those of you whom I have the pleasure and privilege of calling friends know that for years I’ve carefully watched the comic book distribution landscape and spoke about my intention to offer a distribution service tailored toward getting quality “indie” books in comic book retail shops across the country.

Those people also know that I took my time with its development, designing not just the website and presentation but making sure that the company itself possessed a solid infrastructure. I’m backed by an exceedingly skilled team with profound appreciation, passion, and respect for comics.

Due to the exceptional responsibility and commitment to this endeavor; Effective immediately I am stepping down as EIC of indievolt.com and intend to name a successor in the coming days. I am very confident we have the right leadership and talented persons in place and I see enormous opportunities for both organizations.

Varian Grant

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